Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator

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Providing PSA Oxygen and Nitrogen & Membrane Nitrogen generators

With our comprehensive range of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators we can provide you a total solution for your nitrogen or oxygen needs

Our on-site nitrogen generators come in two forms - PSA nitrogen generators, and Membrane nitrogen generators. SkySep can offer both alternatives to make sure the right nitrogen generation technology is selected for your specific application.

Our nitrogen generators and oxygen generators are suitable for use in a myriad of industries and applications, call us and let us design you a system and start saving you money today.

Equipment offered is based around one outcome - delivering substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies for your business.

With SkySep systems you get a thorough and accurate needs assessment and a detailed return on investment analysis on the right equipment for the job.

No matter the application, if you use nitrogen or oxygen gas we have a solution for you.

You may find more information on AirSep web site.

Yet, since they are so many applications for O2 and N2, please contact us if you don’t find the information you are looking for or if you need detailed information.

Benefits of gas generation:


Benefits of generation over liquid or cylinder gas:

  • Much lower cost
  • Fast pay back
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to use
  • No special skills required
  • No moving heavy and dangerous high pressure cylinders
  • No risk of gas price increases
  • No lock in contracts to hold you hostage
  • Lowest cost per m³ possible
  • No delivery fees
  • No rental fees

Benefits of SkySep Systems generators:

  • Super efficient design requires less feed air directly resulting in lower operating costs
  • Simple and proven technology for ultra reliability and peace of mind
  • Huge model range for precise flow rate matching

Purity monitoring

Systems come with optional product gas analysers for precise and real time measurement of the purity of gas being produced. Purity is measured in % or PPM dependant on system set up and requirements.

System warranty

Put simply, our supplier build the best Oxygen and Nitrogen gas generators in the world.

Systems are warranted against failure from defects in parts or workmanship. The warranty period is one year and covers both parts and labor anywhere in the world! 

Our suppliers' warranty philosophy is to prevent warranty claims before they need to be addressed. No system leaves the factory until it has been run by the chief engineer at the pressure, purity with the voltage, hertz and feed pressure.

SkySep offer a range of nitrogen generators that allow you to produce your own nitrogen gas on-site, at the pressure, purity and flow you require all for a fraction of the cost of conventional bottled or liquid nitrogen supplies.

Categorized into two broad areas, we have a range of PSA nitrogen generators and Membrane nitrogen generators for fixed industrial applications such as food and beverage production and packaging, electronics manufacturing, general process inerting, chemical and general tank blanketing, lab applications, laser cutting, and general manufacturing and production process. Typically these nitrogen generators will offer a payback under 24 months and ongoing savings in excess of 80% compared with your current gas costs.

If you run selective soldering or wave soldering that requires a feed of nitrogen, then a nitrogen generator from SkySep Systems will be a perfect addition to your process.

Generating nitrogen on-site will offer you substantial savings over delivered gas whether it be in cylinder or in bulk liquid format and on-site nitrogen generation will bring you a new level of convenience, no more changing over cylinders, running out of gas and no more cross checking delivery dockets or cylinder reconciliations.

We are able to achieve the high purity required and maintain this level of purity consistently for the life of the system. In most cases, purity ranges between 99.99% (100PM O2) and 99.999% (10PPM O2).

If you want to eliminate the hassle or unnecessary high costs associated with nitrogen, contact us today for a full assessment, system design and quote. It may be the best call you make this year.

With many of the world’s most recognizable food brand names using our equipment you can be assured if it is food processing or packaging you are involved in then our systems are right for you.

Most food applications only call for purities around 99.5% to the 99.9%. A perfect level for on-site generation offering huge financial savings as compared with traditionally supplied forms of gas. As standard our systems come fitted with an inbuilt percentage (%) oxygen analyser for real time measurement of the gas being produced and our systems also come fitted with alarms and optional fail over if required for total peace of mind.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

If your application is a modified atmosphere packaging application then let us also provide you with gas blender perfectly suited to work with our generators. Our gas blenders are also totally flexible, if your CO2 in N2 ratio changes, you simply adjust the unit via a simple dial and are assured a precise mixture of generated N2 and supplied CO2 to suit.

If you have a food application, no matter how large or small, then contact us today for complete assessment of your gas or mixed gas requirements and see how easy it is to save with SkySep.

Heat treating is an application well controlled and efficient. Testing has proven that high purity on-site generated nitrogen is well suited to this application. Pressure is usually quite low and flow to the furnace is steady and required over long periods of time in most cases lending the application perfectly to on-site nitrogen generation. Also as an added benefit, on-site generated nitrogen is normally closed to ambient temperatures avoiding the cooling effect on the furnace when cryogenic nitrogen is used.

If your process is heat treating then why not give us a call today for an assessment of your gas requirements and let us quote you on a system.

Whether it is a glove box application in lab or a larger application such as pest control for museum pieces, on-site nitrogen generation will save you money and hassle. These applications are perfectly suited to on-site nitrogen generation as the in many cases the flow of nitrogen is required over sustained periods making traditional gas supply a very expensive option.

SkySep Nitrogen generators come in a range of purities from 95% to as high as 99.9995% and each system comes as standard fitted with an inbuilt % or PPM oxygen analyser for real time measurement of the gas being produced for peace of mind.

Laboratories have long been using small nitrogen gas generators for various processes. A common use is to feed a mass spec or for gas chromatography. Our supplier’s Nitrogen generators are housed in thousands of labs around the World delivering a constant and reliable stream of high purity gas.

Our systems are available in purities up to 99.9995% N2 (5PPM O2) and in pressures up to 9 bar directly from our unit. Units are of vertical design to take up minimal floor space.

If you have a lab application that requires nitrogen, call us today and see how much you can save simply by switching to on-site generation.

We offer outright purchase as well as leasing options for more flexibility.

SkySep has a system specifically suited to the laser cutting industry. The system provides a storage bank of high purity nitrogen from which to draw to cater the high and often unpredicted gas demands laser cutters face. If you are cutting using gas supplied in manifold packs then call today to see how much you can save money on gas.

For off and on shore oil and gas, we have membrane and PSA based systems matched to suit individual requirements. Systems can be configured to any purity, any flow and any pressure, and can be hazardous area rated if required.

We have a range of high flow, high pressure systems for enhanced oil recovery, under balanced drilling, coal mine inerting and coal mine fire abatement. The systems are totally flexible and can come skid mounted as a fixed option or more portable as a containerized system. Systems can also come trailer mounted complete with diesel generator, compressor, membrane based N2 generator, high pressure booster and full control panel. If you are looking to rent, lease or buy call today for more information.

We have a range of Oxygen generation systems that have been supplied to veterinary hospitals in USA and in Canada for surgery, recovery, etc. The systems are compact, come with an inbuilt oxygen analyser to provide constant monitoring of oxygen purity output, are available with a fail over system for 100% backup and total peace of mind.

Best of all, on-site oxygen generator can deliver gas for less a few cents per m³, that's equivalent to only a few dollars per cylinder!

USP medical grade Oxygen in USA is classed at 93%, and our generators output 95%. A level of purity suitable for patient needing O2, and anaesthesia.

The system, via simple reticulation, would supply medical grade oxygen to all usage points within the hospital introducing a new level of convenience.

Wine making and wine bottling is one of the best suited candidates for on-site nitrogen generation. We supply systems that are installed in some the the most well known wines from United States and Canada being made or bottled with our nitrogen generation systems. You can feel confident that our systems have the track record to give you total confidence in the process.

Whether it is straight nitrogen or a mixture of CO2 in N2 you require we have the right equipment for the job. We can supply gas blenders paired with our nitrogen generators for a precise mixture or CO2 in N2 and the blenders are fully adjustable. If your ratio changes over time, you simply adjust the unit via a simple dial and are assured a precise mixture of generated N2 and supplied CO2 to suit.

So if you want to join ranks of many of the most famous and successful wineries and contract bottlers, let us quote a system and start saving you money today.