Odour treatment

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SkySEP offers simple and effective solutions for the control and elimination of odours.

Our process mixes ozone to the air flow to neutralize organic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans, organic odours, inorganic acids and fat. The induced reaction consumes much of the residual ozone and is immediately converted back into oxygen.

During operation, the system performs a further analysis of the for residual ozone in order to adjust ozone output to process needs. Our process usually requires no significant changes in the circulation of the air flow and requires very little maintenance.

The system developed by SkySEP can be combined with a washing unit and smoke browning. Treatment of this wash water with ozone causes microflocculation of not only suspended particles, but also a micro-oxidation of various odours compounds. This guarantees significant water savings and does not clutter the systems or sewage treatment plants. For scrubbers and gas coolers, removal of suspended solids can be carried out in a diffusing water vapour.

This method of treatment of effluent from the air also applies to smells of frying fish, leachate, steam cooking, yeast, to slaughterhouses, rendering plants, to complex industrial facilities, etc.