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Issuance of foul odors in the air - yeast plant in Canada

The company: a yeast factory located in the residential area of ​​a large city in Québec

The process: In summary, for the manufacture of yeast, we must create a culture broth with yeast, molasses or honey and some alcohols. This process may take 12 to 16 hours and produces very unpleasant odors. 

The smells: In this case, the odor-causing substances are organic. They originate from yeasts themselves heated molasses and alcohols produced during the fermentation and mainly ethanol and acetaldehyde. 

Drying: For drying, the yeast is passed in powerful dryers that vent up to 305 metres3 / second exhaust air into the atmosphere. 

The biggest challenge is the reaction time.  Because the stack height (about 30 feet) allows only 5-7 milliseconds of reaction time.

AgrOzone Solution: After a test simulation and chemical analysis of fumes AgrOzone determined the ozone concentration needed with respect to time of very limited response. 

Eureka! Conclusive test! The system installed by AgrOzone has reduced up to 100% of odours depending on amount of ozone injected.

Result: The yeast plant has now a fully automated system modulated with manufacturing process of yeast sytem. Ozone is produced as the process demand. The system is installed so that it can switch and feed another dryer as yeast production switches.